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Here are a few interesting SWTOR blog posts I’ve come across over the last few days:

  • [SWTOR] Let’s talk about class, and role, and faction, and morality, and story over on Spinksville shares thoughts on what type of story may result from which of the various classes you choose to play.
  • Darth Hater’s post on Morality Gear is a nice piece of theorycrafting around the pros and cons of a gearing system wherein your alignment affects the pieces of gear available to you, and how that might affect players’ game play and choices.
  • Coffers of Credits: Release Day Edition on Battle Meditation is good reading for the budding auctioneer, giving a high level once over for starting day auction house strategy. For those of us who’ve been playing the virtual AH game for years it may seem a little basic, but it is definitely a good primer for anyone who has had tendency to be eternally MMObroke.