Dear Friends and Regular Readers of the Blog–


By the fact that I’ve posted once update, this week, over the entire month of September, you already knew something was up.

And that something is: I’m not really playing SWTOR at the moment.

There are a variety of reasons, including guild implosions, friends who’ve stopped playing, and RL not giving me much time to do anything let alone play SWTOR and blog and podcast about it.

Thus, it’s time for me to take a break. I just gave a heads up to listeners who joined us live for recording this week’s podcast (which will be up on the site in a few days) that this is my last one for a while. So that makes it official.

I’ve had an amazing time being part of such a vibrant and engaged fan community. I appreciate all the access and information the SWTOR community managers have given little ‘ol me. But most of all I’ve enjoyed debating the finer points of this game with all of you. It’s meant a lot.

This domain is paid up for some time, so if I pick the game back up, you may see some new posts here. So we won’t say this is goodbye, just so long for now.

xo your roadhouse proprietress, Anexxia

P.S. I’ll still be up to no good on twitter, so be sure to follow @anexxia there.