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Since sharing my thoughts on how I chose legacy perks for my next SWTOR alt, I’ve heard a lot of folks talk about the lack of customization available for their characters, and complaints that there wasn’t anything “good to buy” in the new crop of Legacy character perks. To that I say: Baloney! There are perks for altaholics and end game only focused players alike. And to that end, I’ve grouped them together to make it easier to see the playtime customization available to you through their purchase.


  1. I like to PvP as I level.
    PURCHASE: Improved Warzone Experience
  2. I like to do Flashpoints as I level
    PURCHASE: Improved Flashpoint Experience
  3. I can’t tear myself away from Space Missions
    PURCHASE: Improved Space Mission
  4. I wish I could mostly just do my Class quests and skip a bunch of the others
    PURCHASE: Improved Class Mission  Experience
  5. I like to wander around and uncover all the points on the map as I level
    PURCHASE: Improved Exploration Experience
  6. I miss my speeder when I start my alts…
    PURCHASE: Improve Speeder piloting


  1. It takes too long to get to the Fleet/my capital city/ the Black Hole dailies
    PURCHASE: Priority Transport
  2. There’s never a repair droid when you need one in the raid or flashpoint
    PURCHASE: Field Repair Droid
  3. What this Operation really needs is a mailbox…
    PURCHASE: Field Mail Droid
  4. I wish I didn’t have to spend 15 minutes heading out to respec for my groups…
    PURCHASE: Field Respecialization


  1. I wish more of my max level items critted to include an augment
    PURCHASE: Legacy of Crafting
  2. I like to grind out in the open world, but my bags get filled with junk too quickly but I am too impatient to send my companion to sell it
    PURCHASE: Legacy of Leadership
  3. I like to shower my companions in gifts
    PURCHASE: Legacy of Altruism
  4. I wish my smart conversation choices resulted in more affection
    PURCHASE: Legacy of Persuasion

Now that you can see how these perks can directly improve your day-to-day game play, for details on how much these perks will cost you, in both legacy levels and cash, check out Dulfy’s detailed listing.

What perks have you ended up purchasing?