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HK-51, I am coming for you, you sexy droid beast!

I have a certain lying jerkface companion I’ve been itching to airlock. I am certain you will do *quite nicely* as his replacement.


The video gives us an inside view of the droid factory wherein we will claim our prize. Now, as to how we will finally obtain access to it, that remains a mystery. Hopefully we will find out…soon. Real soon.

I’m guessing he will be tied in with our next big content patch, and hopefully a world event of some kind…All we know so far is what was released pre-Patch 1.3 by Daniel Erickson:

“We wanted to make the rollout huge, so it is a galaxy-spanning quest. You’re going to need characters on both sides, on the Republic and the Empire, in order to get him. It is the biggest single quest in the game by leaps and bounds.”

What do you think it’s going to take to unlock this smooth-talking assassin droid?