Dear Qyzen,

When Master Yuon introduced us, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. After all, she seemed to think you were a loyal valuable ally, who was interested in supporting our cause.

After you lost all of your points, and dishonored yourself in the eyes of the Scorekeeper, even then I had faith in your support and perseverance, and considered you to be a valued member of my crew, and even a friend.  After all, me beloved Master Yuon thought so highly of you, and entrusted me to you in her time of sickness. And thus I took your surly attitude and constant complaining with a grain of salt. Even my cousin Anexxia’s warnings about the true nature of Trandoshans didn’t sway me in my support of you — I just took it as more dark side tainted villainy.

But then we traveled to Voss, and everything changed. It was like you lost your mojo. Despite complaining often about “weak opponents” that were unworthy of your time and attention, I found myself having to revive you, often. Time and time again, I turned down armoring that could have helped me bolster my own defenses to take upgraded gear for you, in the hopes it would help you sustain our tougher battles. But it was not to be.

After our third setback in as many days, which required us to have to backtrack through the entire dark heart to re-engage with a strong foe, who once again bested you, I could see the writing on the wall: our time together had to come to an end in order for me to fulfill my destiny.

I’m reassigning you to the ship, on holocomm duty. And effective immediately, Tharan shall accompany me on all off-ship excursions. I’m sorry that it had to come to this, but you have become somewhat of a liability.