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I’m a huge fan of in-game companion pets. My two primary World of Warcraft characters had over 150 vanity pets each. So although I’m not the hardest of the hardcore pet collectors, I’m pretty respectable. Thus, I’m already starting to think about SWTOR vanity pets.

So far, the only highly publicized pet has been the mouse droid [POST PUBLISH UPDATE: mouse droid is now more available via the Security Vendors, and the special CE pet became the Minimech CE] that comes with the Collector’s Edition (which, alas, is not the version I preordered, due to the price.) But with some poking around, I found a few more. Here’s the list thus far:

Actually seen in Live or Announced by Bioware

  • Crimson Rakling
    Attainable after gathering 12 Stardream Fragments on Tatooine. Dulfy has a comprehensive guide for how to get the quest that leads you to this scavenger hunt. NOTE: now that the Rakghoul Plague has been contained, this pet is no longer available.
  • Hutt Observer Probe Droid
    Purchased from the CE/Digital special edition vendor for 25,000c.
  • Interrogation Droid
    Purchased for 25,000c from the dark side vendor in your capital city or on the fleet, provided you have the required dark side level III.
  • Legacy Tauntaun Ram.
    To receive your in-game Legacy Tauntaun Ram (folks received them in game starting April 25), your account must have met the following criteria by April 12, 2012 , 12:00PM CDT, 5:00PM GMT or April 21, 2012, 12:00PM CDT, 5:00PM GMT:

    • You must have purchased the game and redeemed an official Game Product Registration Code at the Code Redemption Center.
    • You must have signed up for a recurring subscription using a valid payment method OR redeemed a Game Time Code.
    • Your account must not be banned.
  • Little Sandcrawler
    Purchased for 25,000c from the light side vendor in your capital city or on the fleet, provided you have the required light side level III.
  • Midnight Rakling
    Drops off Hard Mode Lost Island’s final boss.
  • Minimech CE
    This pet is available exclusively as part of the Collector’s Edition.
  • M0-GUL Thrall Droid
    Drops off Karagga, the final boss in the Karagga’s Palace Operation. Thanks to the commenter who left  a note on this!
  • Mouse Droid
    Purchased from security vendors for 25,000c. To access that vendor, you must purchase a security authenticator.
  • Orobirds (was Red Wattled Orobird).
    First, you need an egg:
    1) Unusual Eggs (which hatch into Orokeets) seem to be on a 4 or 8-hour spawn timer (seeing differing accounts) and can be found on Alderaan at: 1) X: 1930, Y: -1451 2) X: 168, Y: 1836 3) X: 181, Y: 135 in Alsakan Lowlands under the broken bridge (NOTE: saw some forum comments that this one had been removed).
    2) You may also obtain an egg (Mysterious Egg) from the final boss in the patch’s new Flashpoint, Lost Isles, if completed on Hard Mode. The Mysterious Eggs hatch into the Orosquab.
    3) The Wonderous Egg, which hatches into the Orochick, may be obtained from Warlord Kephess in Explosive Conflict when completed on Hard Mode.After obtaining an egg, per crystal-dreams (and confirmed by @Moramoth, who gave us the screenie of the nest you see above, which was at the first coordinates), you can hatch the egg by following these steps:
    1.  On Tatooine go to the Jundland area and look for water towers. You are searching for ones that have a blue “Water Access Panel” in the base. Note that if you are lucky you may find one immediately, but you can take up to 30min to get one if others in the area are on the hunt.
    2. After you have the buff from the panel, head to the Czerka Archaeological Site and look for a grouping of solar panels facing inward on itself.
    3.  Stand inside the solar panel area until your egg hatches.
    4. Once egg hatches you will receive an Orokeet. Run out and enjoy your new pet!
  • Pale Rakling
    Purchased from Jeelvic in the Dune Sea (X:-896, Y:-925) for 60 DNA Samples. The DNA smaples are available as of 4/15/2012 as part of the Tatooine dailies as part of the Rakghoul plague outbreak. To start the dailies, ghead to the Stardream Daily Area at the North of the Dune Sea area. Head to Outpost Thorazan (Republic) NOTE: now that the Rakghoul Plague has been contained, this pet is no longer available.
  • Taun Fawn. This little guy is obtainable through special item codes that Bioware has given out at the PAX East conference, and via a few fansites thus far. Here’s a screenshot of him hanging out with my Sorcerer:
  • Taunlet
    The Hoth mystery has been solved! See this posting on the forums for either hints on solving for yourself, or the full details.
  • Taunling
    Obtained from the Exotic Animal Crate that drops from killing Gargath on Hoth. Torhead comments say he is 4-mannable by 50s.
  • Taunta
    Purchased for 200,000c from the VIP CE vendor on the fleet.
  • The Czerka Eye
    Requires Social Level VII. Purchased Empire side on Hoth from social items vendor Grady for 25,000 credits.

Seen in BETA, on PTS or in Databases but not confirmed in Live

  • Astromech Droid
    Another pet seen in the BETA but not implemented in live. Fondly remembered for being able to be attacked in PvP, yet being indestructible.
  • L2-P2’s Call Signal
    Purchased from the Stims vendors Fossum and Kanzo on Coruscant for 25,000c. UPDATE: have not confirmed this gy has been purchasable in live.
  • Lawgriffarl
    Purchased from the PvP items vendor (near the PvP dailies/weeklies terminal on the fleet) with 1000 Ranked and 2000 Unranked Warzone Commendations. Note: also requires valor rank 70. Not in the item DBs yet but on vendor on PTS 1.3.
  •  Lobelisk
    Purchased from the PvP items vendor (near the PvP dailies/weeklies terminal on the fleet) with 1000 Ranked and 2000 Unranked Warzone Commendations. Note: also requires valor rank 70. Not in the item DBs yet but on vendor on PTS 1.3.
  • Lil’ Probey’s Codec
    Requires Social Level I or higher. Purchased from Drumond Kaas stims vendor Fotastel for 25,000c. UPDATE: this vendor is MIA in live.
  • Smelly the Tauntaun, summonable via Fresh Cryomoss — item dropped off random mobs on Voss during the BETA.
  • Torchy a.k.a. T0R-CE Mk 7
    The name would suggest this guy was available as part of the Collector’s Edition, but as commenters note that did not pan out.
  • Tynock

What other vanity pets have you spotted as you’ve been poking around on the database sites or in the BETA? Let me know so I can add them to the list!

Happy Collecting!

NOTE: Post Updated 6/7 for Patch 1.3 on the PTS