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talent calculator imageI’ve been playing around with the Talent Calculator on Darth Hater, to get some ideas around how I will eventually be building out my talent tree for my Sorcerer. I’m a little torn regarding PvE or PvP build, given I expect to be doing a good amount of PvE, but will be playing on a PvP server. Also, having not been in BETA, I’m going based on my past gaming experience and talent choices versus having seen first hand how much utility there is in some of the noted abilities.

That said, here is what I’m considering:

I should note that I wouldn’t normally take an ability that limits pushback when casting as part of a PvE build, but Subversion snuck in that Force regeneration component, so I had to tag it.

At this point, I am leaning towards the PvE build; we’ll see if I stick with it. After next weekend’s BETA test, I’ll have a better handle on if the lightning tree’s initial abilities work well for leveling, or if I need to go with the PvP talents instead.

As you are poking through the talent calculators, it’s likely you will start wondering what some of the listed abilities *are* exactly. Luckily, crewskills.net has a nice overview post that include a list of the primary stats for each class. For Inquisitors, that would be Willpower, which affects our Force damage. And of the secondary stats, most seem pretty self explanatory, but I had to look up Alacrity, which turns out to be spell haste, which means it’s my new favorite secondary stat.

What builds are you considering? And what sites are you finding to have the best theorycrafting around talent builds?