The orange moddable gear is one of my favorite aspects of SWTOR. I’m a huge fan of being able to find a look I like and stick with it until I get tired of it, at which point I can merrily go and craft myself something else to wear.  And this is true for my companions as well!

With Patch 1.2 these pieces will also have a small chance upon crafting to crit, which means to be crafted with the addition of an augment slot. Moddable gear with an augment slot will then have the potential –with maxed out mods inside– to be the best gear in the game.

This is by no means an exhaustive selection, but it does comprise the pieces I’ve most often crafted and equipped. It’s interesting to see how many schematics I am still missing. I have a dozen sets wherein I only have partial sets, which is a huge bummer. I hope we see more folks putting schematics up for sale on my server!

P.S. One important note: the non class restricted pieces look different when opposite faction users wear them. This is true even if you have an opposite faction person craft the item and list it for sale on the GTN. So the looks below are only true to Imperial fashion.

Heavy Armor

Light Armor

This level 50 synthweaving set has a sort of art deco feel to me…

This shiny rose gold football helmet is not quite what you might expect from this otherwise very girlie set.

This set feels like it would be best for skulking around eavesdropping, allowing you to easily blend into the shadows.

Medium Armor

I love this chest piece. and the helm is quite intimidating.

I really love this outfit as well, and wish I would stumble across the headgear schematic one of these days. Above, I am just wearing the Polyplast Headgear.

Hands down, this is my favorite helm. I like that it has a voice modulator too.

Given how much a fan I am of the Medium leather items, I’d probably better get started working on a marauder sometime soon…