I don’t know about you, but I definitely have some gaming friends that I wish I could get onto my SWTOR servers to play with me. But many of them, having gotten tired of plunking down $60 a pop for games they may not end up loving, have been resistant to making the leap into SWTOR. But starting this weekend, with the SWTOR Weekend Pass, they have started to run out of excuses. That’s right, all your slacker friends who don’t already have a previously-active Star Wars: The Old Republic account can log on and play starter content with you, free of charge, with no payment method required, for up to four days.

And thus, today’s five, with the reasons why they should sign up to play SWTOR with you this weekend already:

  1. You know you want to play with a lightsaber. After all, we all saw you pretending that empty wrapping paper core was one. And those woosh woosh sounds you made. Mmmmhmm. We know all about it.
  2. Unlike spending St.Patrick’s Day at the bar, SWTOR is a hangover free zone.
  3. If you start now, you won’t be one of those carpetbaggers we all make fun of who jump on the bandwagon after the first expansion.
  4. Not only can you play the Knight or Inquisitor of your dreams, depending upon the class you choose you can eventually have a Twi’lek or a Jawa for a companion. And there are no ewoks for haters to hate on.
  5. Did I mention free? What other sort of rich, social, interactive entertainment do you have available this weekend with no cost to you?

Are you planning to hassle some of your peeps to try out SWTOR this weekend?