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gilded Hutt

Despite my giddiness over my purple lightsaber, truth be told my beloved Inquisitor is not seeing much play time at the moment. No, it’s not that I stopped loving the purple lightning. But with my work schedule not always leaving me with much time to play, and not finding my groove for max level content after my truly fun and collegial raiding team disbanded, she’s been mostly relegated to crafter extraordinaire, at which she has kicked all kinds of butt.

My play time has been split amongst a number of alts — both Republic and Imperial. Some on my PvP server, others on PvE servers inhabited by some of my favorite tweeps. None of my guilds are super active, though I enjoy having some cheerful guild patter and an occasional flashpoint group. So yes, I am still looking for the perfect alt home.

In the interim, I’ve managed to squeak out a Legacy for one of the two sages I am leveling. Which means I now feel as though I can play around a bit with the Jedi Knight on that server as well, without diluting my time and efforts. Once every little kill and quest and exploration ratchets another tick in the Legacy bar, you no longer feel bad about frittering away all that time on your alts…

I should note that one of my favorite colleagues has started playing SWTOR. It’s her first ever MMO. I think this blog had a little hand in inspiring her to take the plunge, seeing how I prattled on about the joys of purple lightning. I’m looking forward to playing with her on my Imperial alts, and hope I can convince some more of my gaming colleagues to hop on the SWTOR bandwagon as well. It’s so much more fun when you have your comrades playing with you…