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Dear Readers–

As a continuation of my public service efforts around increasing the spread of information on the rakghoul plague, I’ve tracked down one of the containment effort’s leaders, to gain further enlightenment around the rakghoul threat. I do hope the following interview adds to your peace of mind, friends.



ANEXXIA: Please introduce yourself to our readers

BRASHART: I am Doctor Corrandus Brashart with the Imperial Biohazards Containment Bureau, a division of the Ministry of Logistics. How may I assist you, my lord?

ANEXXIA: Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement in the containment of the rakghoul plague on Tatooine?

BRASHART: I am presently leading the Empire’s efforts to understand this virulent outbreak to ensure it does not spread far beyond this insignificant dust ball of a planet. My ultimate goal is to develop a vaccine that will render our citizenry immune to future infection.

ANEXXIA: When was the Imperial leadership first made aware of this outbreak? How did we find out?

BRASHART: The plague clearly began within the Republic. Our first indications of its spread came from their HoloNet reports. I personally briefed the Minister of Logistics immediately upon verifying the news was not some ridiculous form of prank entertainment.

ANEXXIA: I suspected this was a Republic-instigated event. Have we made in progress on identifying or better yet capturing our patient zero?

BRASHART: I fear identifying the initial plague carrier will be next to impossible, as this person almost certainly emerged from Republic space and is very likely already dead. At this point, our best hope is to focus on the recently infected and learn what we can from them.

ANEXXIA: There have been baseless Republic rumours circulating that the plague was, in fact, initially manufactured by Imperial scientists as a biological weapon, with further insinuations this outbreak is, in fact, our clinical trials. Can you help put these treasonous rumours to rest?

BRASHART: This is an outrageous accusation, my lord. It is a matter of historical record that the rakghoul plague first began on the Republic planet of Taris over three-hundred years ago. It re-emerged during the Republic’s failed attempt to restore a colony on that world, forcing the Empire to step in and quarantine the entire system. Quite frankly, I believe the Republic created this plague to destabilize the Empire and threaten its innocent citizens.

ANEXXIA: I am certain your suspicions on this will be found out to be true.

ANEXXIA: My sources have been hearing about isolated plague cases turning up on other planets. Do we have any official confirmation of these cases? Are they just isolated instances of contaminated Tatooines making it off the planet and being captured by containment officers?

BRASHART: There have been a few reports of inconsequential outbreaks occurring on other worlds. All were the result of infected individuals fleeing Tatooine. My office quickly responded to contain these emergencies. There is no cause for alarm, my lord. I encourage anyone suffering from plague symptoms to remain aboard their starships and contact the Imperial Biohazards Containment Bureau. We will dispatch a team of trained medical technicians to assist them.

ANEXXIA: I have personally noticed a proliferation of small rakghouls being carried around by otherwise sane Imperials as pets. Is there any threat of plague contamination from these trendy crimson raklings and pale raklings?

BRASHART: Quite honestly, I can’t understand why anyone would want to be followed around by those vicious little beasts. But I’m not a pet person, my lord. Suffice it to say that we are monitoring those creatures very closely and would prefer their owners keep them in cages until more is known about them.

ANEXXIA: What can the general public do currently to help assist in the containment of this pandemic?

BRASHART: For the love of the Empire, please do not go to Vaiken Spacedock if you or anyone traveling with you is suspected of being infected! We’ve received disturbing reports of “plague parties” being attended by clearly suicidal and disturbed individuals. That is simply an inappropriate response to this emergency. Please think of your fellow citizens before taking such rash action.

ANEXXIA: How terribly uncivilized. Is there anything else we should be aware of?
*cracks her fingers, readying up a nice purpley shock should that be necessary to extract more information*

BRASHART: My Lord… I guarantee you will be the first to hear of any new developments.

ANEXXIA: Thank you so much for the informative conversation today, Doctor Brashart. That will be all…for now.