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This morning, in need of stretching my legs after a good night’s sleep, I popped down to the Imperial Fleet from my ship, and was immediately startled by an unprecedented all systems alert over the PA systems. I tried to shake off the sense of dread that washed over me by looking through some synthweaving schematics, but couldn’t get the travel advisory out of my mind.

Over 10,000 dead so far, with thousands more infected and outbreak area growing exponentially as the virus continues to mutate. In an effort to try to contain the outbreak to the planet, government officials have asked the public to refrain from visiting or in any way communicating with Tatooine and its inhabitants.

While I do, of course, agree with their methods in general, I also knew that this was exactly the sort of catastrophe for which I am personally well-suited to handle. Which is why I immediately hopped on my speeder and zoomed back to my ship’s hangar and made my way to Tatooine.

Once there, I found the typically unremarkable outpost of Mos Ila swarming with containment troops, staring down infected citizens at rifle point. I was pleased to note they heeded our orders and immediately took down any people who showed signs of turning into rakghouls. Well met.

Having spent a good deal of time on Tatooine in my early days, I immediately noticed a few abnormalities– like the escape pod that had lodged itself in one of the unused city outbuildings. Where there is an escape pod, there is an escapee. And a larger ship from which they were escaping.

My path was becoming more clear to me. If I could track down more of the debris from this crash — and better yet the hull of the ship itself and some of the survivors, I know I could get to the bottom of this mystery.

A highlight of my day was definitely coming upon the wreckage from the ship (now known to me as the Stardream) North of the Republic encampment in the Dune Sea. The place was swarming with infected personnel– and already turned rakghouls. Luckily, I was able to subdue one of the rakghouls enough to gather a significant blood sample before I put him out of his misery with a nice overload of purple lightning.

I took my blood sample to someone I trust [name redacted to protect my useful compatriot] who is working on weaponizing the virus as we speak. I’ll have to jump back in the fray tonight to obtain some additional samples. But for now, it’s back to the grindstone. Must Holo in for a few meetings and give the impression I’m cooling my heels on the fleet, awaiting Malgus’ next directive. What a fool that man is…I’m sure my incredibly convincing PSA on the radio show last night, warning all loyal members of the Empire to stay away from Tatooine will give the impression I’m more than towing the line…