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Lots of interesting news tidbits over the last 24 hours or so…still no release date, mind you, but at least we have “several months of BETA weekends” to possibly look forward to…

  • The BiowareTV archive from yesterday’s Gamescom coverage has a brief live demo of the Eternity Vault raid. I can’t wait to be dishing out my own force lightning against sentry robots…
  • Also announced yesterday (though via the forums), guild testing is coming soon. And if you are looking for some assistance in finding a guid that’s the right fit for you, I’ve got just the post you need.
  • Devs clarified around a recent change to the ability to talk cross-faction — i.e. players may no longer talk cross-faction in the server’s general chat settings. Devs noted the made the change after seeing the griefing behavior too many of us have gotten to know and loathe in other MMOs, devs said “putting the onus on the user (“you can just /ignore them”) is not our idea of a quality game experience. “