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I’ll be listing all the rare or better pre-50 synthweaving patterns I can make here, which includes a number of moddable pieces. Following this up with a separate post for my Level 50 patterns.

Available to Coconut Monkeys on Th Bastion server with your mats. Items are listed with lowest level items at the top of the list, with item level in parens.

Note that the databases do not yet have all the variations on the patterns. Sometimes, when crafting and reengineering crafted items, you learn a blue quality version of an item that adds an additional stat upon it. Those items are denoted as follows:

  • Critical versions of a green item have +Crit as a third stat.
  • Overkill versions of a green item have +Power as a third stat.
  • Redoubt  versions of a green item have +Defense as a third stat.
Please also note that some pieces of gear require light or dark side alignment, and a few are for Republic characters; make sure your character can wear an item before I craft it!

Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor