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Now that we are midway through the first week post-launch, I thought I’d take a breather to update on how I’ve spent my Early Game Access time and the first few days post-launch.

My Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Anexxia has, as expected, been my primary time and credit sink. The credit sink, more specifically has come in the form of keeping her crafting profession current, as previously noted. Pleasantly, the bugged nodes have thinned out as I’ve leveled, so I am now at the point where my crafting is a little bit ahead of my ability to wear my craftables, which makes me happy.

Another happiness bringer is zipping around on my speeder. I ended up just shy of purchasing it when I hit 25 thanks to not noticing that my one trainable skill cost me 7k. Oopsie! But thanks to my SO, I was able to get my speeder before we touched down in the sand waste of Tattooine.

This financial instability led me to push my Bounty Hunter alt up to level 10 so she could be easily parked in the Galactic Trade Market while her companion went out running slicing missions to fill my coffers. Yes, it’s cruel to put her to work as my own private merchant services coordinator, but they didn’t name me Lord Anexxia at level 30 for nothing, now did they?

In addition to the shiny title at the completion of Chapter 1 of my class story, which was much shiner than the title I earned from hitting Dark Side level 3 earlier in the week, I also got to set my Legacy name. This also means I got a new huge, barely scratched legacy bar at the bottom of my screen underneath my level progress bar. That’s right, much like achievements in other games, your legacy bar will monitor your progress in the game across all your characters on the same server. Every time you kill a mob or complete a quest you’ll earn a few legacy points. I encourage my alt-loving friends to try to push through Chapter 1 one at least one of their characters so their alting will count towards their legacy level.

I’m still getting used to the eternal vigilance that is necessary for thriving on a PvP server but am dong a fair job of it thus far. I am a little concerned, however, that the debilitating lag I’ve encountered in the open world on Alderaan is going to get me killed. Repeatedly. I’ll also be interested in seeing if the lag carries over to Operations. It’s been a huge adjustment going from having gorgeous high quality graphics and great computer performance to low resolution graphics and having subpar performance. I’ll continue to cross my fingers that Bioware eventually decides to make a Mac native client for the game, which I expect my year-and-a-half old iMac would be able to stomach just fine.

How have you been spending your first week or so of playing SWTOR?