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The other day, a guildie shared in gchat that his Flashpoint had just fallen apart, after a wipe, with the departing members calling him a newb and dropping group.

I have to tell you, this provoked an actual laugh out loud IRL moment for me.

“ZOMG you SUCK Newb! Peace out!” …says one 3 or 4 week old character to the other.

Really? Really???

Oh, I know, some folks are such old pros because they were in BETA since wave 1 of BETA. And all us new players are such bads. Because we only started during early game access. Or worse yet, at launch. What a bunch of newbs!


BETA is not live game. Live game is the real deal with the final talents and the final class tweaks and a whole slew of new folks playing the game for the fun of it. Some of these folks were World of Warcraft players. Some play(ed) other MMOs. But many are just huge Star Wars fans stepping into their first MMORPG and learning the ropes.

But the fact remains, mister elitist player, we’re ALL newbs, including you because it is a new game! So get over yourself. Wipes will happen as folks learn content that is new to them. It will be some time before everyone is over geared and PUGS are able to faceroll content.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the newness of the game.