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Nothing like a nice change of scenery

This past week, in part due to the podcast, I’ve gotten to thinking about how I’m approaching my SWTOR playing time a little different than I have approached some of my previous gaming time. And I thought it was about time I posted a Friday Five. And thus, we have today’s five:

  1. I rolled my main on a PvP server.
    I’ve always liked world PvP, but had never played on a player versus player server, having primarily focused on PvE end game for my last 6 years of MMO playing. I found it truly heightens your factioncentricity — and hones your senses to be able to spot the enemy before they spot you.
  2. I started in on the PvP as soon as I was high enough level to queue.
    Yes, this meant I ended up playing way more Huttball than I would have liked, but I figured if I was going to be playing on a PvP server, I might as well get some solid PvP practicing in. The fact that I lucked out and the first champion bag I turned in at 50 had a sweet headpiece in it was just icing on the cake.
  3. I’ve already rolled alts on 3 servers.
    Rather than waiting until I was burnt out completely on my main to roll an alt or explore another server, I pretty much started thinking about friends I wanted to alt around with starting on day one. And yes I am still open to playing more alts on more servers so leave me a note as to where else I need a baby sorcerer (full up on sages atm.)
  4. I’m using my professions as a primary way to support my characters.
    Yes, I have always been a professions overachiever, leveling them up at the speed of light regardless of the impact on my pocketbook. But I am actively using them to finance my characters so that I am not dependent upon dailies or PvP or space missions or other such activities to fund them.
  5. I’ve crossed raiding off my agenda for now.
    That’s right. You read that correctly. Between real life being too busy and it being a significant effort to find and keep a regular raid team going of fun folks who have the same POV on raiding and teamwork as me, this has gone into the “maybe later” bucket list. I absolutely LOVE raiding as a sorcerer, mind you, but I don’t have the bandwidth to keep after it — and keep it enjoyable– right now.

So what about you? What changes have you seen to your gaming style or activities since you started playing SWTOR?