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SWTOR Patch 1.3 has been on my mind a ton this week, as evidenced by the Patch 1.3 Crew Skills Q&A I put together earlier in the week which has sparked so much conversation. Some of it even on the topic of crafting…


In reading through the comments, it became clear to me that folks don’t all seem to be 100% aware of the great stuff Patch 1.3 has in store for them. And thus, I bring you today’s Friday Five, the 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Patch 1.3:

  1. Craftable Augment Kits. I love the idea that everyone will be able to wear whatever outfit they like, and by adding an augment slot, ensure that it is comparable to the best quality end game gear they could earn. I love the diversity of clothing options available in game, and think this will add even more such diversity.
  2. Mod Extraction Costs Decreased. A lot of folks missed that little tidbit at the end of the Q&A. This is an awesome quality of life and flushness of pocketbook change that will benefit players who are active in Operations. I know folks who have spent upwards of 150,000 credits to yank out mods and put them into their gear, often more than once per week. when the loot gods have smiled upon them. Now they will be able to spend fewer credits to do so.
  3. Group Finder Launches. That’s right, as stated in the SWTOR inaugural podcast, the big focus for patch 1.3 is bringing a group finder to the game. It will allow you to choose Operations, Flashpoints, and even area quests (such as heroics and dailies) that you would like to group up for. Best of all, in my opinion, it will be limited to your server. I know many folks love cross-server LFG. But having played World of Warcraft since vanilla WoW, I can say with certainty that I much prefer getting to know players from my own server and grouping with them versus being lumped in with someone I’ll never see again from another server. I’ve found same server groups to overall have a more pleasant vibe, fewer incidents of reprehensible behavior, and have led to a number of new in game friends. I am sure I will try it out so I can see some of the Flashpoints I haven’t yet completed. But mostly, I’m just glad I won’t have to hear folks complain about not having a group finder. Just kidding. …Or am I? 😉
  4. Scale-able Armor Types for Social Gear. That’s right, if you are a heavy armor wearer, social gear will scale to reflect your armor proficiency. This means even more options for being a fashionable Sith Lord or Jedi.
  5. More Legacy Perks. Although we don’t know for sure what will make it in game for patch 1.3, you can see that whole list of shiny coming soon perks, and we know that a number of them will definitely be making their way into the game for Patch 1.3. So keep up the alting and building that companion affection! And the group finder should help us all climb the social levels ladder, thus unlocking even more perks.

Which of these changes are you most looking forward to in Patch 1.3?