It’s been pretty quiet around these parts. But yesterday, the blog saw a small flurry of visitors, looking for assistance from my post with its resources for (re)naming your SWTOR characters, and ideas for (re)naming your guild something clever.

That’s because with less than a day’s notice, SWTOR did another server consolidation, moving all the origina server folks to a new server, but in some cases, additionally moving destination servers from the round 1 consolidation to a new server as well.

The 3 that specifically affected me were:

Jedi Covenant Destination
Includes: Jedi Covenant, Canderous Ordo, The Constant, Krayiss Obelisk, Kathol Rift, Whitebeam Run, Khoonda Militia, Ki-Ta Kren, Kaas City, Fort Garnik, Hanharr, Sedyn Kyne, Keetael, The Corsair, Nathema, Zez-Kai Ell, Shii-Cho, The Courageous, Assassins of Sion, Eidolon Security, Axial Park, Keller’s Void, Master Dorak, Juyo, The Defenestrator, Telos Restoration Project.

The Ebon Hawk
The Ebon Hawk, Kath Hound, Rubat Crystal, Lord Adraas, Sanctum of the Exalted, Shien.

The Bastion
The Bastion, The Crucible Pits, The Maw, Rakata Mind Prison, Nadd’s Sarcophagus, Infinite Empire, Daragon Trail, Warriors of the Shadow, Black Vulkars, Shadowtown, The Swiftsure, Dark Reaper, Wound in the Force, Mandalore the Indomitable.

Wait, no I’m wrong I also have characters consolidated over onto The Harbinger too, from Space Slug…

The Harbinger
The Harbinger, Drooga’s Pleasure Barge, Fa’athra, Veeboo Lunx, Master Gnost-Dural, Darth Xedrix, Gauntlet of Kressh, Zakkeg Beast, Perlemian Trade Route, Zaalbar, Empress Teta, Namadii Corridor, Kaiburr Crystal, Krath, Wall of Light, Vornskr, Soresu, Lord Praven, Master Zhar Lestin, Space Slug, Darth Sion, Hyperspace Cannon, Mask of Nihilus, The Jekk’Jekk Tarr.

I had an OK time of it in that I didn’t lose any of my level 47+ names. I lost a number of my placeholder names, and on Jedi Covenant, I now have 3 characters with the same name times 3 if I recall, which means having to figure out a slew of new names, or, more likely just deleting some of those alts after checking their bags for shiny crafted gear made by Anexxia.

I still need to log in and actually rechoose my legacy name and clean things up. It was just too overwhelming last night, after seeing all the characters crammed together on Canderous Ordo, to get it together and sort it all out.

I’m hoping that now that we went through this additional consolidation, paid server transfers will be on the horizon so I can finally do my own reunification and consolidation and no longer have my favorite character on a PvP server as I am just not feeling that environment.

How’d you fair?