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When Khem Val and I were first thrown together by fate, we got off to a bit of a rocky start. At every convenient juncture, he made sure to let me know just how dissatisfied he was at being requested to do my bidding. This grumbling was interspersed with the occasional not-so-veiled threat to eat me alive.

But the will of a Sith is not easily swayed. I was not about to put up with that sort of insolence. And I certainly wasn’t afraid of my loin-cloth wearing new buddy. Even though he could probably crack me in half with ease if he was operating at his alleged former capacity.

Slowly but surely, as I took Khemmy out into the TOR universe, and he saw my bravery, and got to eat many evil doers, he started to warm up to me. I am pretty sure the occasional companion gift helped as well, but it was mostly his seeing my bravery in battle that did it. And as my Dark Side points have pushed into level IV, he’s only become more of my champion.

That’s not to say all is rosy in our relationship mind you. He still talks about his former master entirely too much. If he was sooo amazing, then why isn’t he here right now, Khemmy? Hmmm? And when I show that despite being an uncompromising bad ass I still have manners and acknowledge and thank others for their collaboration in my missions, well that all raises his hackles. But it’s nothing a little punishment (or a killing spree) doesn’t take care of.

It warms my heart when he calls me his little Sith now. But what really pleases me is when he threatens to eat anyone who crosses me or doesn’t treat me with the respect that is due a Sith Lord of my stature. We’ve come a long way, Khemmy!