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back away slowly and perhaps Anexxia will not be forced to unleash this purple lightning ball upon you...

Those of you who follow me on twitter will have long been accustomed to seeing my purpley shadow priesty alter ego as my icon. That portrait was done by one of my all time favorite WoW tweeps, @Druidis4fite, with whom I shared many a WotLK era WoW adventure. But given my new obsessions with SWTOR, and the fact that my shadow priesting days are fewer and farther between, it was about time to think about a new icon.

And lucky for me, that’s where @DiscoPriest came in. You may have seen me squee’ing over their artwork in the past– including the incredibly adorable space cadets comics and icons. I positively jumped at the opportunity to have my beloved lightning-obsessed inquisitor immortalized in an icon. (And I have to say, it’s one of the nicest gifts I’ve received. Thank you interwebs and @DiscoPriest!)

You can get on the list to have one commissioned for yourself — at only $20 a pop for the space cadet style SWTOR icons, and a little bit more if you want a full selection of images for all elements of your digital life.

Compare the icon to this latest pic of nearly level 50 me, as I zoom closer and closer to maximum dark sidedness…