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In case you were somehow unaware, today is Star Wars Day — May the Fourth be with you!

In the spirit of sharing Star Wars awesomeness, I bring you today’s Friday five, focused on one of my favorite star wars the old republic community activities — recording the TOR Reporter podcast with Chris and Josh each week at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday nights. And thus I bring you five reasons you should be spending your Thursday evenings with us, as we record TOR Reporter with our live chat room audience:

  1. Only by being in the live chat did you have the opportunity to make up real-time “Anexxia is so rich…” jokes that made their way instantaneously into the podcast, and led to an episode title. Think of the power and glory!
  2. Our chat room is smarter, more attractive, and better SWTOR players than your average live chat. Don’t you want to rub shoulders with these peeps? Trading quips, live fact checking me when I go off on a tangent, etc.?
  3. We give away a ton of free stuff every episode. Yes, sometimes it’s just free advice, but it has even been baby tauntauns. Because we love you.
  4. If you like us on Facebook you can post on our wall and give us subliminal messages to plant in future shows, and eventually we can take over the SWTOR community and remake it in your image! And your likes will help us get rid of that incredibly long URL for our FB fan page so we can actually say it on the podcast!
  5. You’ll get all the latest views and opinions without waiting for us to put the podcast up on the server for your listening enjoyment — and you’ll get to hear every last word, including the ones Chris edits out!

Bonus reason: it may be your only opportunity to make a Sith crack a smile, or even laugh out loud!


Hope to see you in the chat room next week!