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I meant to do a 6-month check-in on what I’m doing in game, but the time got away from me. But since we’re all friends here. we’ll just pretend this is the 6 months since launch mark, ok?

Since the game’s pre-launch, I have:

  • Gotten my inquisitor to 50
  • Gotten my Marauder to 47
  • Attended one Eternity Vault raid
  • Done a small handful of leveling Flashpoints and no hardmode Flashpoints
  • Unlocked Legacies on 3 separate servers
  • Joined 4 guilds
  • Made my own alt guild
  • Crafted so many cute outfits that I have over 10 million credits on my original server

If you’d asked me 6 months ago what I expected my mid-year check-in accomplishments list to look like, I can assure you that the above list is nowhere close. Which just goes to show you how unpredictable gaming life can be.

Why I Have Such a Lack of End Game Activity

Given that I got to 50 within 3 weeks or so, and got into my first raid a week or so after hitting 50, I certainly expected to be regaling you with tales of my raiding successes, theorycrafting away at the best in slot inquisitor gear and tactics. But unfortunately for me, my launch guild did not end up being a good fit for me, in large part due to a bully with a bad attitude who ended up promoted to raid leader. Unlike some people who seem to play MMOs only with the end goal of getting the best gear and talking down to others, I like to raid in order to be part of a collaborative achievement. I enjoy the teamwork aspect of it. And I feel strongly life is too short to play w/people who are the reason the DBAD rule exists.

I should note here that in keeping with the similar experiences of this kind in WoW, after driving off many of the people I loved playing with, mister bad attitude stopped playing. But it was too late for me at that point.

So, with my primary guild not providing the collegial environment I was looking for, I started trying out a number of other servers. Unfortunately, starting over as a reroll on 3 servers puts you significantly behind the leveling pack. I was lucky enough to get a few lowbie Flashpoints in as part of my reroll experiences so that was nice as I am a firm believer that you don’t really get to know your guildies until you are grouped with them.

After lurking about, I set my sights on an active Imperial guild that also had a sister Republic guild on the same RP server. I got to watch my SO who is a much faster leveler than I am, tear through content, including a first time hard mode clear of EV by the guild, which was a 1-shot up to SOA. Unfortunately, as I rounded the mid-40’s bend there, the guild decided to refocus its efforts on the Republic side, and is now hosting 16-man raids there versus the weekly 8-mans and HM Flashpoint nights both sides. And thus my Marauder has languished at 47. It didn’t help that the story line had a sudden but inevitable betrayal right around this same time.

And this is why I am now focusing in on my level 36 Sage (not to be confused with my two other sages), in the guild No Sleep ’til Kessel on Juyo. I’ve wanted to see the Republic storyline through to the end, and think this is the character that will finally make that happen. And once I hit max level, I’ll see if I am able to get squeezed in to one of the raid groups. Even if I don’t, the guild feels like it is active enough I should be able to find HM partners. I truly want to get some time playing at max level and enjoying the fruits of my leveling, versus just always being on the alt leveling circuit. I love my alts mind you, but I also truly miss playing with other people. And I have to note here: this is not a flaw in the game. This is an artifact of the guild and server choices I’ve made. I’ve had the same issues crop up in WoW as well, but they were less painful only because on more than 1 occasion I poneyed up the cash for a server transfer.

I am looking forward to the prospect of moving my Inquisitor off my dead server as soon as she is eligible to transfer and I find a fun, mature, active Imperial guild for her to play in.

So, how about you? Six months in, what does your bucket list look like?