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It was a long and treacherous path I traveled to make the decision that I should play a Sith Inquisitor…Oh, wait, no, actually, this video pretty much confirmed that this is precisely the path I must travel:

  • Purpley lightning
  • Ability to poof in a puff of purpleyness
  • Scaring my enemies into cowering submission in an AOE fashion
  • A shiny magic force field to protect me from my enemies’ attacks
  • The ability to restore force through damaging my enemies
  • Ability to summon the unbreakable will of the Sith, immediately freeing myself from any inconvenient and tiresome situations

Ah yes, clearly, this is my calling. After all, I have spent the bulk of my recent years playing a purpley, shadowy, evil vixen.


Pleasantly, the Jedi Consular class video came out on Friday, so perhaps the game world won’t be *too* overrun with inquisitors…