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While most of us Star Wars: the Old Republic fans were sitting at home watching the Imperial Agent (not Smuggler as pre coffee me wrote) progression video you see at the top of the page, a number of lucky fansite publishers were packing for a trip to Austin for Bioware’s second SWTOUR fansite tour.

Thanks to Darth Hater’s SWTOUR link roundup, I was able to live vicariously through these other bloggers, and gleaned a few interesting tidbits on PvP (which seems to have been the current content sharing focus):

  • Guild versus Guild operations are limited to 24 players. But it seems that # may not be set in stone.
  • In unbalanced open world PvP zones, such as 100v20, the smaller group will receive some sort of buff to assist them.
  • Warzones are always 8v8, and pull from your own server, and you can not go in with a full premade team.
  • Operations (raids) are expected to take about 3 hours.

The TORWARS team has a couple of videos from the fansite event, including this CE unboxing. It’s a good thing I can’t upgrade to a CE without losing my spot in the early access line… Enjoy!