My buddy Steve brought it to my attention that I just haven’t been updating the blog as frequently as I used to. And lest that perception be expressing itself to folks as a lack of interest in the game, I thought it would be a good time to catch folks up on what’s been keeping me busy SWTOR-wise, both in and out of game.

Many Alts, Handle it!

First and foremost, getting all of my alts transferred to their new servers then stalking tracking down their guilds and getting into the groove of the new server (including looking around for some new guilds for some of my alts) has taken more time than I would have expected. For those of you keeping track at home, here’s what my alt life looks like, in terms of guilds:

  • Canderous Ordo (PVE)
    • No Sleep Till Kessel a.k.a. #NSTK (Republic)
    • Nonstop Disco Jetpack (Imperial NSTK guild)
    • Ewok Dance Studio (alt guild for wee baby Republic toons w/@psynister, @fynralyl, and @the_wrenz)
  • Ebon Hawk (RP)
    • Republic Mercy Corps (Republic)
    • unguilded Imperial side and level 47 marauder needs a new home, PST!
  • The Bastion (PVP)

If you are in need of a guild on any of the above servers, follow the links and check ’em out. You’ll see that I haven’t dealt with my fourth and final server yet. Not sure if my level 17 sorcerer is going to be moved along or not at this point. It’s a little overwhelming already dealing with the above three active servers to be frank.

Same Story, Different Station

You are hopefully aware by now that this is not the only place to hear me ramble on about Star Wars: the Old Republic, yes? In addition to this blog, I also share through a number of other social channels:

But Wait, There’s More!

Then there’s a fun little SWTOR podcast you may have heard about — TOR Reporter. We record every Thursday night at 7:30 Pacific, with a live audience in our chat room. Prepping for the podcast is probably a prime contributor to my not blogging as often. Plus, I don’t want to steal the thunder from the podcast by preemptively publishing thoughts I’m planning to share there.

I hope to get the balance right on this in the future, and do a little more cross-pollination of topics from the podcast fleshed out in a little more detail here as well so that those of you who prefer your SWTOR news in text don’t miss out. I have to admit that recording the podcast is one of the highlights in my week each week– getting to chat about a game I love with other folks who feel the same way. It gives me a warm happy feeling, much like this blog…

So what’s been keeping you busy in and out of game as of late?