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It’s been a week since I started my server transfer journeys. All four of my servers have gotten the nod, with the last server becoming eligible early this week. The screenshot above captures one of the nicest small touches that came about as a result of the server hopping: all my made by Anexxia gear, including pieces I’ve made for myself to wear, now bear the legend “The maker’s name has been worn completely off.” where my name used to be.

Guild Status

On my PvP server, The Bastion, I easily reconnected with my guild upon first post-transfer login. I am noticing, however, that it has been slow going for folks to transfer over. I think many folks are waiting for Patch 1.3 to hit before returning to the game and to the guild. The open question remains: will they stay put or continue to ebb and flow as each new MMO shiny object loses its lustre? And Republic side, we need to find a date and time for four officers to click the guild recharter. Oopsie!

My RP server, The Ebon Hawk, is already working on integrating all of us new transferees into the server community. In addition to having some server-wide events scheduled, which were mentioned in the most recent community wrap-up, they’ve started a server forum. I’m happy to see all this activity as it gives me hope I may yet find an active home for my level 47 Marauder and wee little Sorcerer alt. My teeny Sage is reguilded with the RMC, who is busy with many 16-man operations and seems to have picked right up from where they left off.

Last and not least, my PvE server, Candorous Ordo, is booming. I’ve been questing there Republic side and am cheered on by the sight of so many other players out in the worlds. My Sage has been making serious progress in her story, and is now 39 and midway through Hoth.

What’s Next?

I’m hoping that my PvE server ends up having a solid solution for my Empire characters. Specifically, to give me a place to server transfer my other Imperials to when we eventually, hopefully, can do paid server transfers from one server type to another. *crosses her fingers* I am also hopeful I will get in the occasional raid once my Sage hits 50. Trying to have some small, manageable and attainable goals!

What about you? How are you feeling about your servers now that the dust is settling?