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Don't be sad Lord Vader-- even though launch is a few months away, there's still plenty of interesting postsin the SWTOR blogosphere!
Don’t be sad Lord Vader– even though launch is a few months away, there’s still plenty of interesting posts in the SWTOR blogosphere!

Now that the majority of the Interwebs has gotten over their dismay regarding last week’s BETA survey email snafu, the blogosphere is back to giving us interesting content to read. A few of my favorite reads over the past few days:

  • Torwars shared some thoughts about the announcement of RP-PvP realms, but without CM-enforcement of naming standards or behavior.
  • SW:TOR Strategies pointed us to TotalBiscuit’s Huttball video, shot at EuroGamer expo, and had a short post on choosing the class/role that’s the right fit for your play style.
  • Massively had a Hyperspace Beacon overview of the Star Wars story timeline leading up to SWTOR.
  • PC Gamer shared a really nicely written SWTOR preview article. Not a lot of News, but a great piece to remind you why we’re all so excited about this game, and to share with any of your friends who haven’t quite decided to take the plunge with you at launch.

I should note that I shared links out to the above content via my twitter account, so if you want a more timely report out on what I’m reading and recommending in the SWTOR blogosphere, follow me on twitter (@anexxia) or subscribe to my paper.li daily.