I’ve been keeping Ashara busy, slaving away at the Synthweaving tables. I’ve been finding a good market for the many shiny new custom armor accessories I’ve obtained since Patch 1.3 hit.

I haven’t contained my crafting obsession to my Imperial server either. My Republicans…er, Republic citizens on Canderous Ordo have been getting in on the crafting action as well. I’ve powered up my Biochem to 400 on the level 24 Knight. This was primarily due to having hopes and reams of getting in some raiding time after I hit 50 on my Sage and thus needing a supplier for raid consumables. Of course now that my Sage is 44 and the end game is in sight, it’s not looking like raiding is going to happen with our weeknight raiding team hitting a rough patch, and our weekend Ops team being far too progressed to support a newbie 50. Arrrrgh!

Thus, I have been flirting with warzones on the Sage, and slowly but surely plugging along on her class quests. I’m finally off Belsavis, but taking my own sweet time crafting (she’s a 400 synthweaver) and farting around. It’s hard to make the push to 50 if you’re not sure what you’ll actually end up doing there. I’ve noticed her Underworld Trading missions seem to keep resulting in Armormech schematics, and only rarely a synthweaving schematic. And thus I did what any smart cookie would do: I trained up armormech on my wee baby smuggler and have gone to town with it.

I still have on my post-patch to do list to try out the Group Finder, as I keep seeing my significant other using it with much success (he got himself raid ready in a couple of days between careful GTN’ing, Flashpoints, and dailies.)

What’s keeping you busy now that you’ve settled in to Patch 1.3?