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I have to admit that hands-down my favorite synthweaving change with Patch 1.3 was the addition of a ton of new patterns for boots, bracers, gloves and belts. And these aren’t just any new patterns– they round out our existing custom gear craftable sets. Although the match to chest takes care of some of the color matching difficulties that come up when trying to tie together your other pieces with it, there were a few sets that simply did not have a good match, especially in the belt and glove options. It’s been interesting to see what they’ve come up with.

The patterns are obtainable through Under World Trading missions that crit. Note that some people had surmised they could hedge their bets and guarantee a schematic by running discovered missions, but I have run a number of such missions that did not yield any schematics. The primary place I’ve obtained the schematics is, as expected, the GTN. My servers have some plucky individuals who have placed patterns up for as much as 300,000 credits. I hate those people. Just kidding. But seriously — given that the prices for the crafted items has already crashed down into the same territory as most other crafted items, why on Earth would I or anyone else pay such a crazy price? Not happening.

Here’s a rundown of the new patterns you can now learn:

Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

So how’s your hunt for the new patterns going so far?